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Our abundance in tools means you’ll never lack for choices. We’ve got nearly everything you’ll need to take a project from start to finish. 

Power Tools

If efficiency is your priority then you have to see the assortment of power tools we have available. For projects big and small, you’ll find just about every way to turn a screw or pound a nail. 

Hand Tools

Sometimes, an older approach is best. Especially when it comes to projects that depend on craftsmanship. Our lineup of hand tools give you the quality and control that you’ll need to put the finishing touches on any project.

Tools Sets

Never want for a socket, bit or wrench again when you take advantage of our in-stock tool sets. We have curated a selection of top quality sets that’ll keep you organized and let you get your projects done without having to hunt around town for that one missing piece.

We stock the brands that Alaskan's love best.

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Fairbanks' Favorite place for Alaskan Projects

How we pick our selection of tools

Tools Alaskans Need

We know that our customers have a special relationship with the tools they use. You need reliable, dependable and quality tools that can stand up to harsh weather, tough projects and time.

When we are looking to stock our shelves we only bring the best products in our store. We have pricing that can work for anyone but there is a bar of quality that we will not budge on. 

We Listen to Our Customers

Our customers ultimately guide us in our selection. We listen to the suggestions and needs of our community to make sure that we’re supplying the tools that you’re looking for. 

And if your not finding what you need, we want to know about it. Alaskan projects are almost always a unique breed. If the tools you need aren’t on our shelves, then we will do our best to find a way to get it you, just ask.



Rigid makes tools that you’d recognize on any jobsite. Their commitment to reliability and craftsmanship is why you’ll find a selection of their products on our shelves.

Wright Tool

Wright is known for sockets, wrenches and attachments. We keep their selection of tools on hand because of their long lasting reputation for making long lasting tools.


Starrett is known for making a fantastic selection of saws, hand tools, and precision gages as well as instruments for measuring. Their reputation and selection is so good it’s been used by manufacturing companies to ensure the products of THEIR products. That’s how you know it’s a good brand to stand by.


If you’ve ever looked in an Alaskan toolbox you’ll find a selection of Crescent wrenches. Their name has become so well known that “Hand me a Crescent wrench” is just something we all say. Their known for wrenches for small home projects all the way up to the major trades. These days, everyone seems to own a Crescent wrench. If they don’t, they get them as Samson Hardware.


Discover the Perfect Tool

Have you ever had a project that wasn’t coming together? Our shelves are stocked with the the tools that take care of the big projects and you’ll always find the major needs but if you take a moment to wander the aisles you’ll find small unexpected tools that will make tedious tasks much easier. 

So we invite your to come on in and explore. Besides, who doesn’t like to bring home a new tool for a project you’ve always wanted to finish up.

Quality Selection is a Must

We want you to trust our selection as much as you can trust the tool itself. This is why the brands we carry are largely names you recognize. We only bring in the best inventory in our store because at the end of the day we only want to supply you with quality solutions. 

If you have any feedback on our selection, we’d love to hear it. 

Looking for something in particular?

Fairbanks' Favorite place for Alaskan Projects