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Heating Supplies for Fairbanks, Alaska

We stock all the heating materials an alaskan home needs.

We’ve been helping Alaskans heat their homes for generations. On our shelves you’ll find the parts your need to build out a new heating system or repairing a busted loop. Never fear the cold again when you’re shopping at Samson Hardware. Our selection of pipes, fittings, and stoves can keep old man winter at bay for the long haul. We take great care to keep all the accessories, fitting and piping that you need here in our store.

Copper Pipe

The backbone of Alaska's Heating Systems

Nearly every heating system in Alaska is powered through copper piping. We keep a number of sizes on hand at all time for our customers. You never know when you’ll need a replace or patch in a new line of copper pipe in your homes up here. A lot of the heating systems in Fairbanks are starting to show their wear and tear. We want to be your first stop if you’re in need of some extra pipe. 

  • Pipe cutting to your length available.
  • Pipe threading available


Stove Pipe

Keep the heat on, the home safe.

We carry a multitude of stove pipe fittings and extentions for any Alaskan home or cabin that’s doing it’s best to efficiently keep the heat on. If you’re looking at putting in a woodstove to heat your home or you need to replace the vent piping from an existing one. We have a plethora of stove pipe options in our store. We pride ourselves in keeping the items you’re most likely to need, so stop on by.

Wood Stoves

A stable of any Alaskan heating system.

The woodstoves we carry in our store are essential for our cold winters. They’ll keep radiating heat throughout the day/night if you keep them fueled properly. The models we carry are perfect for Fairbanks and the interior and are a wonderful way to supplment or install as a primary source of heat in your home or cabin. 

If you stop on by, we’ll be able to fill you in on all the details around our woodstoves and how it would fit the heating profile for your home. 

Woodstoves for heat

Copper Fittings

Build a loop, create a heating system that works.

Every application of a heating system is different. That’s why we keep all sorts of fittings, adapters, valves and more in the store. You’ll find all sorts of creative ways to route the hot water or glycol in your home. It’s worth having some extra fitting on hand should you ever have a problem with your heat in Fairbanks and that’s precisely why we keep this area stocked for our customers.

heating fittings

Propane Heaters

Keep warm in the dead of winter with a heater that stands up to the challenge.

Propane is a great source of heat in an emergency or as a supplemental source here in Alaska. We have a number of heaters that you can use to add a little more degrees to your home. Some a fantastic for winter camping, some are designed for a larger purpose. Stop on by and see how the propane can heat up your winter here at Samson Hardware. 

Heating Materials Made for Alaska.

You’ll be surprised how many parts, pieces and tools we have the Alaskan heating system. Our inventory of pipe and stove accessories will help you install a new system, or upgrade an old one. 

…and so much more. Come in to see the selection.

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